Golden R Gypsy Girl

2003 Registered Missouir Foxtrotter mare    $1800

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Bella 11 year old Grade Missouri Foxtrotter Mare    $2000ype your paragraph here.

Type ​Dawg is 14.3 hands and very stout built as you can see. He has been my personal trail riding horse for the past several years, he is a people horse first one to meet you at the gate gentle, safe, sound and well gaited. I have had this horse all over the country trail riding him and on a lot of overnight camp outs and he is the same everytime you ride him. No hump, buck or foolishness at all. A very nice gelding in the prime of his life. He will ride with the faster gaited horses or slow down and ride with the quarter horses.  $3500your paragraph here.

A pair of15 year old registered Palomino Missouri Foxtrotter geldings 15.1 and 15.2 hands tall well matched, traffic safe, broke to ride and drive. I have drove this team quite a bit and had them on the road and they are good with traffic and drive the best. The right hand horse will be a little hard to catch in the big pasture and will snort but means nothing by it. I have seen both horses rode and they both gaited good under saddle. $4500 for the pair.Type your paragraph here.

 Gaited Horses

We specialize in matching horse and riders.

We almost always have quality gaited  horses in various stages of finish for sale.  If you are looking for that special mount, give us a call and we'll do our best to find you a perfect match that fits your needs or abilities.

There are usually more horses available than listed here on the website so please call! We take pride in finding, raising, breeding and riding these horse listed here. Most are sold to friends, fellow trail riders, neighbors and repeat customers. All horses listed on our page are tried and tested and we stand behind them all as they represent us and who we are. We occasionally try to add pictures of horses here but it's proven quite difficult to maintain the page with the ever changing stock.  The horses seem to sell faster than we seem to be able to take "post worthy" pictures and get them online. 

If you're looking for a quality gaited horse, we likely have it or can find it. Please give Buck a call at 217-242-1709 or send a contact us form and we'd be happy to find a match for you or invite you to the ranch to see for yourself. We can always snap a few pics and send them to you if you'd like to see something before visiting.

Gypsy is 14.3 hand registered MFT mare that has been trail rode a lot by a lady in her late 50's for the last several years. I have not rode her too much but have trail rode with the the lady for the last several years and this was her main horse and she rode her anyplace she asked her to go. A nice mare but can be a little hard to catch in a big pasture without a bucket of feed. $1800 Type your paragraph here.

A sorrel grade 11 year old MFT mare 15 hands quiet and gentle and very good gaited. She came from an elderly gentlemen in Kansas. I rode her several times last year on trail rides and she did great.. All my horses will ride in the front, back or middle with no problems. We ride with quarter horse people also and they will slow down and ride slow if asked also but prefer to move on down the trail. $2000​Type your paragraph here.

Supreme's Gold Rex A & Prides Pure Gold Registered Missouri Foxtrotter Geldings                                                      $4500 for the teamType your paragraph here.

            Spitfires Salty Dawg

2006 Registered Missouri Foxtrotter                  Gelding $3500 ype your paragraph here.